Are you a brick and mortar food business owner and need to search for wholesale food suppliers? It’s not really that difficult to search for a wholesale food supplier if you know exactly what products you need. Here are four tips for finding a wholesale supplier for any food business.


  1. Contact the Manufacturer First

You can inquire from the source if your food business uses products/ingredients from specific manufacturers. They might sell to you directly depending on their minimum order requirements. However, most manufacturers sell only through established distribution channels. If this is the case, enquire from the manufacturer for a list of distributors you can contact. In this manner, you always get the lowest prices possible.


  1. Contact Wholesale Suppliers

E-mail or call each wholesale supplier and find out what they can offer, starting with minimum order requirements and wholesale unit prices. Be honest about what you really need and don’t try to sound “bigger” just to impress.


Tip: Focus on wholesale suppliers near your location. For instance, if your food business is in the Brisbane area, search for wholesale suppliers in that area, such as Provista Australia that serves the general Brisbane area as well as the Gold Coast, and even as far as the northern New South Wales areas.


  1. Join Professional Networks Online

Most retailers (some being your competition) might not share supplier information with you, so you may need to dig deeper, especially if you’re starting small. Start building relationships by participating in online forums or create a LinkedIn profile and start creating connections. You can also create a Facebook page and expand your professional online connections.


  1. Attend Trade Shows

Attending trade shows related to food service is one of the best ways to build up your food business. These events are tailor-made for retailers wherein you get opportunities to talk face-to-face with wholesale distributors and manufacturers. As many people would say, nothing beats talking face-to-face to avoid inaccurate information. You’re also given business cards that usually include personalised business numbers so you can call them directly.


More Tips: Don’t be afraid to contact more suppliers than you can handle. Your first wholesale supplier may not be your forever supplier. Creating the perfect supply chain can sometimes be a process of trial and error or an evolution. Some products supplied to you may not be the wholesale price for you, but remember that you’re still a start-up.


There are times, though, that on your first attempt you improve your bottom line by getting in touch with experienced wholesale food suppliers such as Provista Australia that can help build and grow your business. If you’re looking for a lasting wholesale supplier partnership, get in touch with Provista Australia at their website,