According to many analysts in the food service Australia industry, opportunities in the foodservice market are continuously rising. If any food service-related business is interested in being lucrative, they need to check out the ever-colourful rising consumer trends in Australia so they can chew on it and contemplate.


The Booming Food Industry

The foodservice industry in Australia has been steadily rising, in spite of the fact that a lot goes into running any foodservice business. To earn a piece in the complex web of food service, it takes a lot of effort just to gain traction in the industry.


Naturally, it is no surprise to discover that the successes of the foodservice industry can be traced to the ever-changing dietary trends that reflect the taste buds and culture of consumers in Australia. Australians can be counted on with fact that they need – and love – to eat, and this is a constant in Australian lifestyles. And what, where, and how they eat are the factors that the foodservice industry is deliciously taking in.


Stronger Trend in Dining Out

Consumer foodservice in Australia posted a positive growth in 2018, thanks to independent foodservice operators because of preferences for uniqueness and variety of cuisine. Tourists also represented a large and diverse consumer base.


Franchising System Continues to Grow Strong

Franchising continues to be the preferred growth model for many consumer foodservice businesses in Australia, with pizza and retail foods as the largest in this category. Many entrepreneurs feel safe knowing that they can run a small business but under a branded framework.


McDonald’s is Still the Leader

McDonald’s Australia – both company-owned and franchised outlets – maintains its leading position in the consumer foodservice category for several years now. One reason is its well-known and familiar menu offerings that has world domination, and secondly, its response to a growing health and wellness trend in Australia.


 Independent Consumer Food Service Operators are Increasingly Innovative

Australia has always offered a mix of cultures and cuisines. Independent restaurants, cafes, and bars continue to make up the vast majority of consumer foodservice businesses. This is in complete contrast to the US and UK where branded chains dominate.

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