A known rising trend with Australians is that they are increasingly going to restaurants, pubs, clubs, and fast food outlets more than ever. This is making the foodservice market an appealing investment to start-up chefs, business owners, and making wholesale food suppliers happy.


While this trend has indeed produced revenue for the foodservice market at around AUD$79 billion in 2017 alone, and with a population of 24 million, Australians are eating an average of 50 million meals each week outside their homes; there are a few hidden trends unknown to many that only the wholesale food distributors observed due to the types of orders they get.


Demand for Healthy Food

Yes, Australians are eating out more, but what people don’t see is the demand to eat healthy meals. The growing concern with weight loss and other health issues like food sensitivities and allergies has created opportunities for wholesale food distributors that can deliver fresh, natural food solutions.


Improvement of Online Foodservice Communications

Consumers are increasingly booking their reservations through the internet, ordering through online menus, and reading online reviews to find good restaurants. Restaurants are getting their own websites and going online for consumers to find them. As a result, enquiries, ordering, deliveries, and other things connected to the wholesale food distribution system is going online. This is because going online means doing things faster.


Convenience of Delivery

Not only is the food delivery service to customer’s homes or offices a growing industry, the busy schedules and lifestyles of foodservice entrepreneurs mean that they are mostly dependent now on scheduled and on-time deliveries from wholesale food distributors. Doing everything online means business owners cut down on time wasted in doing orders manually.


Traditional is Going Out, Modern Australian is Getting Hot

Traditional favourites in the past like Chinese and Italian are declining in popularity. Modern Australian healthy foods using local ingredients and crops are on the rise. This is driving the wholesale food suppliers to seek out local growers, a rising trend that benefits both suppliers and growers.


Faster Takeaway

Because of the busy lifestyles of consumers as well as their desire for speed, takeaway restaurants is the growing convenience industry because Australian society wants faster food, but also healthier food. To thrive in this growing trend, takeaways are offering healthier alternatives supplied with ingredients through the wholesale food distribution industry.


Yes, the food industry is booming, but aside from the successive gains from the food entrepreneurs, earning the piece of the proverbial pie from all these rising trends is the wholesale food suppliers. There is always one constant you can count on in the foodservice industry: When people want to eat, you can count on the wholesale food distributors such as Provista Australia to supply what the restaurants need. For enquiries on what and how Provista can serve and deliver, visit their website at https://provista.online/.