In Australia today, more retail food outlets and quality food services are looking to add a traditional approach to dishes and cuisines.


Australian indigenous ingredients that were once considered a “unique” food culture and mostly found only with Aboriginal and Strait Island communities for many years’ past is now re-defining contemporary Australian tastes and flavours. For instance, dishes infused with native edibles such as mountain pepper is now considered the new modern Aussie menu. 


Unique Aussie Flavours

It’s no surprise that native Australian flavours are coming into the Aussie culinary scene. This is part of a drive by many Australian chefs to discover the roots of authentic Australian flavours. Many restaurants today are doing extensive and innovative use of native edibles. In fact, many chefs have been travelling to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities due to their enthusiasm for native ingredients and to understand their culinary qualities.


Nutritional Benefits

On the consumer side, native ingredients are slowly taking a hold on Aussie flavour buds because of the native ingredient’s unique flavour profiles as well as the nutritional benefits. For instance, the Quandong fruit, Australia’s native peach, actually has twice as much vitamin C compared to an orange. There is also the Warrigal Greens, Australia’s antioxidant-rich equivalent to spinach. For ecological benefits, Australia’s native foods are naturally adapted to Australia’s extreme weather environment. This ignites interest with consumers who want to switch to healthy and sustainable living eating habits.


There are some 5,000 edible native edible species, accounting for almost 20% of Australian native flora and fauna. Imagine the endless opportunities for culinary growth and innovation in the foodservice industry. In fact, farmers and growers all over the country are slowly supporting the new industries for local native edibles such as eel farms and extensive quantity planting of Quandongs, Bush Tomatoes, and Native Citrus.


The Time for Local Ingredients is Now

Australia has always been a multi-ethnical country and has embraced flavours from all over the world, from the flavours of Bavaria to South America and up to Chinese cuisine. So, perhaps now it’s about time that native ingredients inside Australia take the limelight.


So, if you’re in the food business, perhaps it’s time to add more local Aussie ingredients to your dishes and menus. You can start off simply with seasonings like mountain pepper or Strait Island rock salts. Or perk up your drinks line-up with a Quandong mixture with any liquor. You can be adventurous with local native ingredients and food.


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