Food manufacturers tend to focus and spend their resources and time in producing food, and so their reach is limited or non-existent when it comes to doing the logistics of getting their products to the retailers. To act as middlemen, this is where the food service wholesaler comes in, delivering food products to retailers who need to sell to customers.


What do foodservice wholesalers do, anyway?

Foodservice wholesalers are business entities that sell food products and ingredients to foodservice outlets. Wholesalers and distributors are similar to each other because they deliver in bulk. However, some distributors tend to have delivery minimums, while wholesalers offer limited quantities of products and ingredients, especially to restaurants or other foodservice outlets that are still small scale. Wholesalers usually offer prices based on volume purchasing and typically stock food products in their warehouses.


The wholesalers should never be ignored

The biggest mistake most start-up and small-scale foodservice outlets make is ignoring the foodservice wholesalers and, instead, buying directly from the wet market or supermarket, thinking that they could save money that way. They forget that buying in bulk will always save you money. Even if the savings with vegetables may only be slight, but with other food items such as meat, cheese, poultry, and specific ingredients, the savings are considerable.


Another factor is the convenience of delivery. Rather than spending for gas and time in purchasing food products almost on a daily basis, bulk deliveries are very convenient since they are scheduled on specific days, and the business owner gets bulk products, so there is no need to keep going out for purchases. Time is also saved because there are fewer large deliveries rather than many smaller deliveries. Wholesalers even accept “emergency” or on-call deliveries for food products that have suddenly run short in the foodservice outlet.


The challenges of being a food wholesaler

The best foodservice wholesalers, such as Provista Australia, have been able to face the challenges of handling perishable products and getting these into the hands of customers while the produce is still reasonably fresh. Like Provista, these wholesalers have adequate infrastructure like freezers and walk-in coolers to keep food from spoiling. Even locally harvested Aussie produce are kept fresh for delivery to foodservice outlets.


Provista Australia

Excellent customer service, deliveries on schedule, and fresh produce; these are just a few of what Provista Australia offers to its clients. We can say this because we’ve been in the food service wholesaler business long enough in Brisbane areas, Gold Coast areas, and the northern New South Wales areas. For your enquiries, visit the Provista Australia website at